Motivational thoughts 


What keeps me going


I have been thinking about motivatìon a lot lately;

  • How do I keep things going when I’m demoralised
  • How do I keep myself motivated in general

and other equally big questions

Well I like to mix things up, as many o my readers know I walk a lot, mainly with My dog,  Stella and I have apps on my phone that track my steps, or how active I’ve been and my most recent add to my apps, sweatcoin an app that motivates by paying you sweat coins for all the walking you do on a daily basis.

Another large motivator is duty, I have a duty to get up and do a job, a job that someday I don’t want to do, but like you and a lot if my readers I have bills to pay, and a partner I would dearly love to be able to take some pressure off of.  So I also have a duty to my employer who needs me to be where he needs me, when he needs me.

I have to say I’m lucky in that most of the time I’m lucky enough to enjoy my job.

I have some adversity in life just lately, some bought on by by me, but a large chunk of smoke and mirrors, half truths and lies that could destroy some, but although I have lost the battle I have not quit, i have not crashed or hit the bottle or something equally futile.

Just little old me

Just little old me in Fridaywoods


So I guess I’ve learnt a lot about myself recently, how to overcome adversity being one big lesson.

I have learnt to draw strength from myself rather than those around me, so it’s no longer a case of if they’re down im.down or vice versa.

By the way, if the right person is reading this I have not given up and when I find the smoke generator I will pull the plug.

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