Not so early on a Saturday morning, walk with Stella 


Greens, orange, yellows and reds as autumn takes hold


Autumn is beginning to take hold the leaves are changing colour quickly now although the temperature seems steady.

I suspect a sudden drop will kill off the remaining leaves over a  couple of nights, then i am no expert


Yellow amongst the green

Is it just me or is Autumn (fall) the more colourful season, a rich mix of green, orange yellow and red and the ever growing Brown the foreboding spectre of Winter.


Why is this happening

Strange Events

I do hope this is not a sign of further development no matter how small, apparently this is an operation to remove the canopy of trees and open a woodland pasture. Whatever that means.

Acorns are strewn all over the path making a rather nice crunch and giving way to a more gentle Russel of the growing carpet of leaves.

Clusters of fallen chestnuts mark the start of Ramparts lane where the red of remaining berries are highlighted against the green and yellow.

You cannot escape the sound of industrial machinery, as the machinery destroys the tree canopy, but then thinking about this, I’d hardly call the area they’re clearing a canopy at all, if they wanted to clear a canopy they’d clear the trees over ramparts lane that form an archway, but no I don’t want to see it either. Maybe im.just being cynical but I just can’t help being suspicious.

Turning off Ramparts lane a grey squirrel runs across the path but I am too slow with my phones camera, Stella however thinks she’ll attempt a capture of a different kind.

Run squirrel

Stella on the scent of a squirrel

Breaking the Horizon

The sun is breaking the horizon in a cloudless sky, to all intents and purposes it could be a summer day in June rather than being mid October.

The crunch under my feet now is the crunch of stones and I don’t mind admitting it’s uncomfortable under my over used and dying trainers.

We’re turning back toward Ramparts lane now and the last minutes of our morning walk, Stella has done what she needs it just remains for Lou and my breakfast and a coffee at least for me.


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