The dawning of A Sunday morning A horse chestnuts leaves dying off magnificently

Dawning Sunday

Stella and I are up and out. It’s 6.55 and we’re 20 minutes into our morning walk. Already on mersea rd which is still quiet. Then most sane folk are probably still in bed.

Fallen leaves

A carpet of leaves


Autumn is really taking hold this Carpet of leaves is evidence of the grip it has already taken. I think Jack Frosts alarm is going, he’ll soon be having breakfast and be out to play.

Nazi invasion

A world war 2 pill box, to slow a Nazi invasion. Which thankfully never came

The Willows

Turning onto the Willows more conker trees show their colourful display as they empty the leaves of clorophyl to survive the coming Winter.

A sea of yellow and green with the odd splash of red greets me as we walk up the estate, the odd cluster of berries still cling to life fur the birds and remaining mini-beasts

Not for us

Full of life giving berries, but not for us




We’re into part of the garrison walk which I would do, but for the impending arrival of Tesco and our weeks shopping, however the sea of fantastic colour continues as we walk down the side of Colchester crematorium.

The allotments to our left. In the the summer would have already been a hive of activity. But now they lay dormant and quiet. But a stack of beer bottles suggests that some patrons use the area in a different way.

The dawn has all but finished now, with a quiet dawn chorus as many of the birds have either flown South or are preparing to.

It is on of the more spectacular sites watching huge flocks of birds swoop, dive and climb, turning this way and that, deciding the pecking order for the flight ahead.

Yellowing leaves

Yellowing leaves on the garrison walk

Active 10 says I’ve already completed my two brisk 10 minutes, although the scales say I have lost nor gained any weight this week.


A glorious rich Red adorns the fence

Today’s morning walk has revealed a glorious mix of colour, glorious Reds and Yellows amongst the remaining green that clings to life as the Winters approach begins in earnest.


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