In the Aftermath of Ophelia 

There’s a lot on my Facebook feed about Ophelia the storm, the weather men were uncertain which way it was going to go, but my feed says that the local area, on the East of the UK saw some strong winds last night.


Living in a second floor flat, Stella needs her walks


When I walked Stella yesterday, there was an orange hue to the sky, which was apparently Saharan sand maybe Ophelia.

Now I’m walking Stella on Tuesday morning and well apart from the odd gust, I’m seeing nothing if Ophelia, nothing but the growing carpet of leaves that represent Autumn.

Growing carpet of leaves

The carpet of leaves grows

A carpet of leaves

The trees are calm hardly moving, I see no hanging branches, no downed boughs or fallen trees which we saw in Oct 1987 in fact I see no damage at all.

Admittedly i have deliberately avoided Fridaywoods this morning but only because the garrison walk is lit, because it’s omly 6am and the sunrise has not begun.

This part of Colchester is still quiet, although the nearby roads have the sound of traffic,  the sound of life, the sound of this, the oldest recorded town in the UK once known as Camolodunum by the Romans, coming to life. But still I see no damage, not that I want to.

Looking up I see a bright Starlit sky I used to be able to identify the constellations but not now, im unsure if the moon is crescent or almost a New moon however we’re turning from.the garrison walk now towards the Willows estate and the turn toward home. For a hundred metres we are in the dark.

In summing up I see no sign of a high wind except for a larger pile of leaves, but then it’s autumn if I were a kid I’d be runnjng along kicking the piles of leaves.


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