Let’s test yourself go for a Run

    RUNFirst Run for a while

On the Run again

Having bought some of the most comfortable trainers I have ever warn, from Adidas, they have a soft collar rather than a tongue.

I decided to test myself this morning, my first run for ages, only a total of about a mile, but it felt good although im surprised to have retained a reasinable pace but then my I tent was to warm up then run as far as my legs would allow then recover and repeat. Allowing half a mile warm up and wind down I am aware that I can only have actually ran just over a mile.

My fitness pal

My breakfast

A weeks leave

I have been off this week on leave, and reviewing all my step counts and activities I have burnt an average of 600 calories per day mostly walking Stella


Stella feels I’m ignoring her

With a new app Sweat coins also motivating me by building up points for every step I take, similar to nectar points, towards bonuses I have 3 days left of my leave and so far I have done 10000 steps every day and I’m already over the 5000 steps today and it’s not yet 8am.


3 days in a row

With active 10 also tracking my daily progress you can see my intent is there.

The thing this goes to prove is that I’m still comfort eating at work, on my own in the van. So if my readers can suggest simething that can stop this is be grateful.

  1. Banana
  2. Apple
  3.  tangerine
  4. Go ahead snack bar (2 pack)
  5. Shredded corn beef or ham

I’ve gone largely bread free for the last 3 weeks but a little less thus week but then my defence is I’m more active than normal this week too.

I am however also still easily tempted so a successful pack up that would fill me up would be a godsend.

I am in no way a large person although my BMI is around 27.5 which still suggests I’m overweight but then the BMI scale says some of the fittest rugby players in.the world are obese, go figure?


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