In search of Brian and the remaining colour of autumn in Fridaywoods 

Storm Brian

A fallen bough, but was this Brian or not

In Search of Storm Brian

Stella and I stepped out this morning expecting to be dodging high winds and stepping around fallen Boughs and wind swept debris but the reality of Storm Brian was much tamer.


The first signs, more leaves have fallen

Yes there were a lot of leaves, however it’s autumn apart from the fact there were a lot if green leaves to but was it down to Storm Brian


This stack of logs hadn’t moved


The so called operation to open up the canopy of the woods, (you need trees in a wood) is further evidence that Brian didn’t get to Colchester.

Dying wood

The last dash of living colour in a dying wood

The woods are in the throes of death, or at least saving energy, the colour of Autumn has suddenly become brown, I’m not sure how much of this is diwn to Brian as I’ve not really seen the woods on this, our last week off before Christmas.

Apart from the evergreen pines etc. the woods have a carpet of green, yellow orange and brown, as the goodness escapes back into the earth to refresh next spring and summer colour. But for now the time for winter woolies, scarves and gloves approaches.

But what then of Brian, who is he I hear you say, a storm that probably has lashed parts if the uk, Colchester is on the outer edge of his predicted reach but for now at least he appears to have dropped short.

Fridaywoods have been a glorious mix of colour but now give way to winter hues, the animals that hibernate must surely have begun their slumber and those such as squirrels hoarding their nuts, the swift and the swallow either have or prepare to migrate and return in the spring with that first Cuckoo. But Brian is yet to show his hand, has he an ace or a king up his sleeve only time will tell, but right now Fridaywoods hold the winning hand it might not be full house but she certainly has a few aces herself.


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