More lessons in Blogging 


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Lessons in Blogging

October’s lessons in Blogging affiliate marketing has been my biggest lesson though, a lesson suggested via Pinterest. Amazon has a huge affiliate program and I’ve signed up with paid on results.  

I have also signed up to pay u 2 blog a site that pays you for completing it assignments although I’ve had no assignments yet.

One set back was getting booted from adsense. For good this time. That’s not such a bad thing as I now totally control the ads on my site.

Ad placement

I would appreciate some guidance on how to place ads, I’ve mastered the top and bottom but would like to be able to put them down the sides and also I am struggling with being able to put targeted ads in my posts, for e.g. Booklister where my book reviews are, I’d like  to place an ad for that book within the post.

It’s difficult to target ads on here and friendlytravelguide but at least I can look for holiday based products for the latter.

I cannot give an opinion of pay u 2 blog yet as I’ve had no assignments. However paid on results you pick the markets you want to work with.   Amazon is the largest of my affiliates I can play with ads on my sites and edit and keep relevance.

I still have a great deal to learn and as I do i shall pass on what I learn to those of you who choose to read my posts.

Thank you and bye for now.


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