20 degrees in October 


My best pal and confident


It’s October 25th. However the gauge in my van read 20 degrees this afternoon. Is this evidence of global warming or just the natural course now.

I’m out with Stella after a long day driving.  It’s still Tee shirt weather although I do have my fleece on.

The leaves that only a fortnight ago still adorned the trees now form a thick carpet of dying brown drab. Apart from however the holly and the few everhreen trees. apart from where the traffic goes down Ramparts lane.


Stella accelerates toward a grey squirrel that sprints across the lane however she’s not quick enough and the poor thing hirtles up the nearest tree.

I have seen Stella at her fastest almost hurtle into a tree in pursuit of her prey in the past.

The woods are quiet for October except one vocal but unobserved bird tweeting in a nearby tree and then we’re being observed ourselves by two of the Raven family, to far for me to identify properly.

The crackle of the National grid electricity through the pylons is the only other sound suddenly joined by a passenger liner which is above the clouds.

Acorns crunch below our feet and with Stellas nose buried in the leaves I’m glad that critters that may surprise her are almost certainly beginning their hibernation. The last thing I need is a vets bill from her being nailed by an adder!

Back home now, tomorrow brings another early October start, 5.30 on the road, so bye for now.


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