Hey I’m Stella and this is my version of events

Earls colne brick meadows

Me out in the fields

My Humans and I’m Stella

Hey Richards told you a lot about me, but I’ve hijacked his blog today. I’m Stella.

 I‘m 11 and I’ve been with my new owners since I was 6, my life isn’t too bad, they disappear most mornings to something they call “work” it doesn’t sound like somewhere I would like to be. I think I went with Richard when I first met them but his new boss doesn’t like dogs in the vans, and Lou  (my best mate) cleans so I don’t think I’d be much help. 


I get to go out at least twice a day in the woods I don’t think Richard has the idea of hunting or territory as he doesn’t chase anything or get territorial when there’s other dogs about,  I bark and growl to tell them to stay away, but all he dies is put me on the lead, go figure?

Hey stop ignoring me

Hey stop ignoring me

When I’m home and Lou is on the sofa I sit with her as she strokes me and cuddles me, I do like to moan a little if I want something or if Richards late home as I’m getting old now and in my terms I’m 77 years old. I’m in goid shape though but then I can’t help it getting around 5 miles walk per day.

Profile picture

Hey do you like my profile picture

I like a bath and mum always give me a lovely treat it looks like a bone but it isn t really, mum also seems to like to wash my ears out and put something down them but it must be doing something as I can hear perfectly, when i want too but don’t tell them that please.


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