What’s your favourite winter warmer

Shepherds pie

Just remember shepherds look after sheep

Winter warmer

The temperature is beginning to fall outside making me think of my favourite winter warmers. Starring with good old fashioned Shepherds/cottage pie. I don’t give a monkey’s if it’s made with lamb or beef mince it’s the king of the winter warmers.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Hey it’s mince again, spaghetti Bolognese made without the trade marked sauces is lovely. It maybe a pile of carbs and protein. But it’s filling and to be quite honest is one of my favourites all year round.

Then we’re getting into the chilli con carne and the stews oh and of course a good lasagne (mince again)



Courtesy of my mother in law I recently had a lasagne with a nice tasty twist. Layers of bacon and I can personally recommend it.

But then writing this provokes memories of mum’s Sunday dinners, especially lamb. A joint would do Sunday dinner for sometimes 5 or even 6 my dad’s Sandwiches for tea. Finally my mum’s lamb Lombardi. Which as I recall was mildly spicy I may be wrong but with rice I think.

But then that also prices memories of Christmas which would normally bring my mum’s famous turkey n ham pie either on boxing day or the 27th.

But then thinking about Sunday roasts brings memories of my dad who would always claim carvers rights and would have English mustard with everything.

Reàding this back it’s strange the memories that centre around food and the dinner table, perhaps you could share your favourite food or food memories?


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