Icy cold sunday morning walk 


Full moon in a cloudless sky

Icy cold morning

It’s Sunday morning 7am and I’m out with Stella. Apart from the full moon the sky is clear, not a single cloud to be seen. It’s also Icy seriously Icy.

I’m wishing I had grabbed my gloves as Jack is definitely biting at them today. Mersea Rd is unusually busy for a Sunday and the remarkable thing is there us still colour in the trees. The reds have largely gone but the mix of yellow and green is striking.


Leaves turning brown on the ground

The leaves

The leaves on the ground have lost their goodness back into the earth. They will soon be a rotting slimy and slippery mess.

Warnings of Ticks keep Stella and I from Fridaywoods for now. Even though Stella is protected I’d rather not take the chance.


Related to the arachnid family Ticks are most active during the spring although a remarkably warm autumn sees them continue to hamper our canine friends

It will certainly not be long now until the first frost of Winter take the Ticks into their dormancy or death. I am certainly no entomologist but then further research on Google is available on Ticks.

Stella and I are on the back end of the Garrison walk now with a mile to go I must pick up the pace as tesco  are due at 8am. The sun has broken the horizon but it’s not raised the temperature yet, a cold breeze keeps the exposed skin cold.

Most of the remaining, untouched berries have shrivelled away and the majority of migratory birds have taken to the wing some leaving for warmer climbs others arriving from colder.


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