What is the point of the NHS


From walk in clinic to casualty

All Respect to the NHS

Now I want to start by saying I respect every doctor, nurse and carer in the NHS.

However I have to question  the state of the institution itself? Why? Well for the last few weeks I have had pain in my left elbow. I’ve  tried several times to get into see my own Dr. Well i finally gave in yesterday and paid a visit to my local walk in clinic.

To be Fair

I registered and the LED display advertised a 60 minute wait which I must say was accurate and after 59 minutes I was called thru, now although I was offered a diagnosis the Nurse practitioner did tell me tgat they were for acute injuries, so my mind asked 2 questions

  1. What do you have to do to see a doctor in the UK
  2. If they are there for acute injuries where does casualty fit into the system

That brings me to non-medical managers who make decisions on budgets, on what department can have what they sorely need, but I assume they’re on a salary probably a huge salary that is coming from the NHS budget at one level or another.

So why not get rid of non-medical managers and put that money where it’s needed I to the medical budget so that we,  the tax payers of the uk can see a doctor in our own surgery without having to jump through hoops standing on heads supported on one hand?

Once again I respect every doctor, nurse and carer in the NHS but the system is FUBAR.


2 thoughts on “What is the point of the NHS

  1. The only way to see a doctor same day is to pay a subscription for a video appointment. Currently £20 a month with push doctor

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