Suddenly I get it 

A question I suddenly understand

A single question made the whole reason continental workers are coming to the UK make sense to me, that question  was

If this site were in Romania What would you say the difference in wages would be?

My Answer

The answer I got from a young Romanian traffic marshal. Around a third of what he was getting for this job in Kingston upon Thames. A small private estate with security gates that required a code to get thru.

That single question suddenly bought it home to me. Also made me think back to the eighties when our builders were going to Germany, Remember Auf weidersehn pet the series that followed a group of fictitious British builders in Germany.

I find myself sitting here wondering if someone were to offer me 3 times what I earn would I go? If I could put the logistics in place of course I would.

So suddenly I find myself asking why should I begrudge the Europeans the opportunity to do the same?

Ok those of you who know me, realise what a u turn this is. But I’ve not changed my stance on the EU I am still in favour of Brexit. Mainly because I don’t like the fact that we, in the UK, are ruled by unelected beaurocrats.


I guess we cannot stop Globalisation. We either have to surf the tidal wave or be engulfed by it. Times change and I realise we must adapt or be left behind. I am not going to be one of my generations Luddites


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