If you go down to The Woods today 

Avoid the Ticks

Stella at her nosiest best

Accursed Ticks

With the reports of Ticks getting on dogs. it’s the first time in a while for Stella and I in The Woods. Namely Fridaywoods.

According to google the prime time for Ticks us in the spring so why are they about now?


Logging disturbs habitats

Destroying Habitats

I can only guess, but it’s logical from what ive been told.

  1. The dogs involved picked up the tick from the area that’s being logged.
  2. Linked with the logging.

Putting these facts together it seems logical that the Ticks have been disturbed from their nest. Making them confused but their overriding instinct mist be to feed.

I’m no Entomologist

I am no entomologist I am just working logically thru the facts

It’s mid November but there’s still leaves on the trees and the gauge in my truck said it was 11 Dec this afternoon. Unseasonably warm I suggest for November.

The ferns on the track are totally brown and the skies are mostly quiet. I cannot help but think a discarded cigarette could set the fern alight.

The rich mix of greens and mostly yellows now have more tree trunk exposed. The cows are still in the field to our left. The woods seem so different now that the logging seems to have finished. Certainly seems more open. But then there are a lot of conspiracy theories going on especially as it military land. Also Middle Wick ranges have been sold off to deveĺopers.


Stumps are all around

Tree stumps are all I see for tens of metres l. I cannot help but wonder at the habitats that have been destroyed.  However I still cannot help but wonder why.

Turning onto Ramparts Lane now Stella and I notice the silence is burst by a lone bird that seems to be giving an alarm call to a threat, Stella, I assume.

Dusk is fast approaching however, visibility is still reasonably good but were I driving I’d have my headlights on. We are onto Ramparts lane properly now and there’s a smell of pine in the air. I think it’s pine but definitely woody.

Turning for home

A quarter of a mile will see us turn into the back of the estate and home. I thought I saw a Bat fly at speed over us but in this light it may have been a bird however silent.

Dusk is coming quicker now as I hear a hoot I have to assume from an owl what sort I don’t know but it’s not a screech owl. I can appreciate the birds of prey without know all tgeur identities when I’m lucky enough to live on the edge of these majestic woods which I for one hope remain untouched by the capitalist greed.

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