The Calm before the storm 

The day begins

The night ends

Cold November morning

It’s 6am on a cool but not cold November morning, Stella and I are out on our usual morning walk of around 30 minutes thru a housing estate and back along part of the Garrison walk.

Colchester is beginning to come to life and the people if Colchester have begun their commute and in a little over  an hour I will be in my van listening to chŕis Evans’ natural exuberance as he promotes yet another Children in need 2017 auction package.

Although I try to be professional I will no doubt be cut up. Have my stopping distance invaded and have another near miss. on a certain badly designed roundabout on route to London. I will no doubt come home and begin again tomorrow.

Although I’m wrapped up with 3 layers covering my torso. It is relatively warm for November my hands are unloved one holding Stellas  lead the others thumb is writing this blog post.

I have little doubt that the temperature will soon plummet. The dangers that winter brings to UK roads will soon be real such as black ice, the odd snow flurry, fog. Need I go on.

Stella and I are on to the Garrison walk now. She’ll be off the lead putting her nose into everything. Tracking a dogs scent or a squirrel or rabbit or whatever. Then she will stop, look at me as if to say. “This is a strong scent, are you gonna do this?” When I don’t respond she will give up wait and then the whole cycle begins again.



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