The Fireworks Month 

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Fireworks good thing or bad

The big kid in me loves the fireworks but the dig owner hates how long they go on for. This year November 5th was on a Sunday so organised displays had 3 days or nights to be pedantic to impress and from what I have seen on Social media the displays were certainly amazing.

However some held their displays over into remembrance weekend, I am not going to get into the semantics of the importance if that weejend in itself however along with the odd lout lighting and throwing them how are we dog owners supposed to keep our digs calm when we don’t know what to expect.

Stella has normally been ok and I have a photo somewhere of her watching them out of our living room window and she has the added benefit of hearing the army firing on the ranges, but this year seems to have affected her more, however she is eleven. The last couple of days she has been reluctant to go for her walks and when she has gotten up and out she has done her business and turned for home.

I am pleased to report however that she appears more enthusiastic this morning.

I am not for banning fireworks altogether however I would

  • Suggest council’s enforce a limited window of displays
  • Force shops to see id  and record that Id when they sell fireworks to an adult and isn t it obvious when someone buys a single banger what they intend.

I’m all for workkmg together to give the kids and the big kids, like me, a cracking time but equally we need to be fair to the pet owners too.

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