Expected the worse 

November morn

A warm November morn

Expected the worse, but got the better

Waking up this morning I expected the worse,

  • Cars frozen over
  • Icy conditions
  • Jack Frost nipping at exposed skin

and I dressed for it. 4 layers on my torso including a t shirt, my work shirt and fleece and my hi viz jacket.

But when I stepped out with Stella


Stella wants a wee

I was greeted by a cloudy sky and a light breeze which is certainly not cold. In fact is say unseasonably warm for a late November morning.

On the radio yesterday there were warnings of snow on high ground but tgen tgat high ground is 2 or 300 miles from me in Colchester.

The glorious autumn colour in the trees is finally coming to an end and the rich carpet of leaves is growing and adding to the layers that are beginning to rot ably assisted by Stellas pee.

Turning onto the Garrison walk the wind is rising but still not cold a little more in our faces now though. Stellas stopping a little to frequently to sniff to see who else has been around. Its been a while since she’s seen her besty Rocky.

The lamps lighting the pathway serve me well but are more than likely so that the Army can observe my and other walkers behaviour with the fish eye cameras interspersed with the lamps. Not that I’m doing anything untoward, and my attitude is if your doing nothing wrong what do you need to worry for.

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