We’re Losing Ground, Fridaywoods is under threat


No they are not Christmas Decorations

Dog walkers of Fridaywoods, we have a huge problem one that is threatening our access to the beautiful woodlands. That problem is pictured above and in case you haven’t worked it out yet, they’re not Christmas Decorations, They are Poo Bags!!!!!!!!

I very much doubt it is the readers of the Facebook Group that you will find this post on, as i know we all care about our four legged friends and the environment we walk the dogs in, but like me i am certain that you don’t get the process of going out buying poo bags, bagging your dogs poo and then abandoning it in the trees!

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The stick and flick in Fridaywoods

Present advice also allows for the Stick and flick method of disposal, its not rocket science,

  1. your dog does a poo
  2. you find a stick
  3. use the stick to flick the offending poo into the bushes.

okay i will acknowledge you have to pray your dog doesnt do its business in the middle of the field unless you wish to practice your golf swing, please be sure to shout two, as i dont want it too land on my head.

I am sure that like me, you dont want to lose access to the woods that are so glorious in the summer and equally lovely in the winter frosts.

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If the powers that be shut off our access i ask you where will you take your dog, I now i post a lot about the Garrison walk, but other than that you will have to get into your car and go to Gosbecks Burial ground or over the threatened wick, also while writing this it occurs to me that with no dog walkers on the woodland the Army can argue for its redevelopment.

We have already lost the battle over Middlewick Ranges which will as i understand it soon begin re development, lets not give them an easy excuse, over the ancient habitat that is Fridaywoods.


I have an idea, we could form our own volunteer Warden group or we use our phones and form a Name a shame page on the group, we have to find some way of making the users of the woods less selfish. Come on people its down to us to protect the environment that we so enjoy come wind, snow or shine?

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