Sins of the past, kicked out of I’m a celebrity


Kicked off I’m a celebrity for alleged Racism and Homophobia. 

I am not going to debate the rights and Wrongs of Racism or Homophobia. I ask the question, why punish someone for past sins?

Fact, with Maynard, ITV knew all about him as a candidate.  Surely they did research into his You Tube channel. You Tube is after all becoming a large influence on the media

As to his actual crime I am unaware , i do intend to remain that way.

The goldfish bowl

This is not the first time this has happened. Added to this you have the deliberate goldfish bowl situations of my pet hate, Celebrity Big brother. When they will put an openly gay contestant into the house with a homophobic celebrity. Then that back fired when Jim Davidson won the series a few shows back. However Jim was kicked out of Hells Kitchen for similar reasons. I do have to give Jim credit as I think he’s changed.
Is it seriously only when we, the good old british public, are exposed to the candidates that the channels actually think. “oops we may have made a mistake here!”

Coming back around to Mr Maynard, i am led to believe that these remarks were some time back. We alll know as adults things become less black and white, and we discover more grey areas. We learn tolerance and to engage brain before gob.

I want to be clear and say I do not condone racism or homophobia. But by kicking Jack out all they’ve done is highlight the issue if they’d let this alone, noboďy would be any the wiser.

Jack has in my opinion been humiliated by the Goldfish bowl that is I’m a celebrity, not to say i don’t love the show, and the banter between the brilliant hosts Ant and Dec. Come on ITV if your guilty of not doing your research into likely complaints, then your are grossly at fault here. If not then surely you could perhaps give the celebrity a chance to explain himself and apologise or retract his remarks.



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