Temperature is dropping. 

Frosty start

Jacks been out to play

The temperature of November

It’s the last weekend in November and the morning temperature is plummeting.  With a good ground frost covering the cars and grass areas where there’s no footfall.

The sky is not cloudless but it’s pretty clear as Stella and I step out for our morning walk.

A nights heavy wind and rain has put pay to most of the leaves that were clinging on to life.

Engines growl

Colchester is beginning to come to life as lights go on. Engines growl and de-icer is sprayed or warm water poured, the latter with some hope that the windscreen won’t crack.

Newsagents and bakeries light up as staff clock in. I see the odd car with my pet hate, the holes in the frost on the windscreen, their peripheral vision seriously depleted.

Stella bobs for a pre then jumps  with the ice cold shock.

Hey one bonus the streeþ lamps are on,.which they won’t be when I start work at 1am Monday morning, why do we pay council tax?

Apart from the cars and myself there’s very little activity with the odd cyclist

A lone bird flies over head as if it were an advance reconnaissance for a fleet of ww2 bombers, I do hope i am not the target. We pass a bush still stacked with berries that will feed nout but the birds or squirrels.


Not all the trees were beaten in the midweek winds

Middlewick ranges looks like it’s had a light snowfall but it is only the untouched frost most of the mini beasts must finally be in hibernation.

Turning towards the Garrison the sunrise is almost upon us, the sun will soon  break the horizon. As I walk passed houses I see those that gave gone early with Xmas decorations.

The allotments which were a hive of activity back in.the summer even at this time of the morning lye dormant. Suddenly looking up I note a sky tgat could yield some snow, but I hear my dad somewhere in the back of my head “it’s too cold to snow Richard!”

The autumn colours aren’t so rich now mainly the evergreen mixed with deathly browns.


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