Dog friendly Colchester  

Great places to walk in Colchester

    Stella wandering loose

Ok I want to turn things a little more up beat with my latest post and think about the more dog friendly venues around Colchester.

  1. Gosbecks Roman burial ground. A huge ex archaeological dig up near the famous Colchester zoo. Dog walkers and runners and horseriders alike are welcome on this area. Limited parking but a wide walking area
  2. Under threat

    The Wick

    The Wick is still a great walking area and it’s easy to get lost. But equally easy to find yourself again by just walking in one direction as it is surrounded by Mersea rd, Wick lane and old heath. Be aware of the summer of adders.

  3. Abberton Reservoir is one place I’ve not tried with Stella yet.  I normally like to just go out of my flat and walk however a friend walks her dogs and her customers dogs over their but in the summer you need to be aware of adders, again if your noisy and deliberate you’re unlikely to come across one.
  4. Fridaywoods whilst it is still available is a lovely area to walk in whether you’ve a dog or not a huge expance of ancient woodland. The military use as training grounds but it is safe as long as you observe the flags and warnings

Of course Colchester is close to Dedham. The area made famous by the Artist John Constable with the Haywain and the Dedham mill which many people of my generation had prints on the wall.

Then there’s also Highwoods, woodland area, I’ve only been there once. You do have to pay to park but there are some lovely walks. Don’t forget your poop bags, click the link below.

These just  few places I’m aware of and I ask my readers to add to this especially those around colchester.

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