Life’s simple pleasures 

Simple pleasures

Chilling with Stella

Simple Pleasures

After a very long day at work, walking stella is one of life’s simple pleasures for me. A chance to clear the stresses and strains if the day in order to put the day to bed, before I hit the hay myself.

This, blogging, is also a simple pleasure, getting my thoughts flowing and in some cases having a rant, or passing on some good places to eat in friendlytravelguide or what I’ve been reading booklister.

Another simple pleasure is just chilling at home with Fiancee.

It’s easy to escape the retrace in Colchester as I detailed in yesterday’s post dog friendly with so many places just minutes away.

Job satisfaction is a big simple pleasure, a job going right, (which is not today) getting there on time and being professional, taking pride in what you do.

Christmas Tree

Then we get onto the seasonal simple pleasures like getting the Christmas tree up and the decorations on it but then ok I grant you, they have to come down again after new year. Then there’s waking up to the first snow fall and being the first to ruin it’s freshness although we don’t get a lot of snow in this part of the UK.
Life is full of diners but looking for those simple pleasures is the way to put the smile back on your face.
These are a few of my simple pleasures im.sure you can add yours but afyer all tgat just be positive and smile.

The Dogfriendly Magazine

Into the New year Stella continues to be one of life’s simplest pleasures and while i am off she will get as many walks as she wishes to come with me for.


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