Resources from other planets 


The Red planet Mars

I listened with intrigue to Prof Brian Cox on Chris Evans breakfast show this morning who was talking about getting resources from other planets and also the idea of stopping our demise as a race by getting humans on other planets.

Harvesting Other Planets

This is all well and good but I’m looking at this from the point of view that according to scientists we have depleted this planet of a lot of its resources, but I have to ask one big question,

What would happen if Aliens visited us?

Would we greet them with an open hand or would we provoke a well intended visit into destroying us.

Then how would we feel if they started draining our resources or would we negotiate an exchange, say well you need Magnesium but we need coal, maybe a future but then government’s change and so do opinions, can you imagine what would happen if the Martians land on the white house lawn and attempt to communicate with President Donald trump?

With the proposed station on or around the moon, our reach grows. But then if there is life out there, who’s to say they are not watching us. Assessing our threat level or whether we are a potential ally who they can work with. I know this is the stuff of Science fiction, but then so much that we considered Sci-Fi has become reality.

If we are to reach for the stars I believe we need to sort ourselves out first. Imagine looking down on earth with orders to assess us as a threat. Or whether we were ready to be shown the method of space flight put forward in Star trek. Making great swathes of space available within our own lifetime?

While your sitting having your coffee consider you answer to the above paragraph especially!


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