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Dogs over cats

Stella, the eighth dog I have had around me

Ever since I was born back in March 1972 I have had a dog around me. Stella is the 8th of varying lengths of a line of dogs that were mostly crossed breed.

The day I was born Teddy all I really recall was he was brown and poss a Labrador terrier cross.

Then came Buster a Cocker spaniel and the only pedigree we ever had add a family. But as a 5 to 8 year old I didn’t understand the ramifications of his being so interbred that his father was his grandfather and his mother was his sister or something along those lines. He was eventually diagnosed as being schizophrenic or the doggy equivalent.

Suzie was next until I was 16 another terrier cross who saw me thru my school years.


Sam the German shepherd cross Labrador

Sam seen here with my sister was a germañ shepherd cross Labrador he used to go everywhere with me, including to check out new fishing venues.

Next was Max a lurcher cross who had a good but short life with us as the breeder hadn’t fed his mother properly nor him when he was born and his spine was slowly disintegrating.

Finally for my mum and dad at least came Tara who we adopted from Danaher at Wethersfield, my sister and I had spotted her while our parents were away, we went back when they returned and my father walked for ages, so a week later she was ours. She was a cross rotty with labrador and greyhound. She left us after having cancer and having an eye removed but this had not worked to prevent the Cancers spread.

Now comes Bruno my furst Staffy but hecwas crossed with a mastiff a loyal hound who I unfoŕtunqtely had to leave behind when I split with my ex and then came Stella who you know all about.

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