It’s too cold to snow 


A favourite winter scene

It’s to cold to snow Richard, I’ve said before my dad’s words when my hopeful face would look for the first flakes. But then it got me thinking about the nicer side of snow and the hazardous.

 The big kid in me loves the snow, the stillness of the world and the silence. Especially if you look out the window and it’s perfect, not spoilt by tyres or footfall.

There’s a smell that’s difficult to describe and the stillness is eqially wonderful.

The professional driver however sees the hazardous conditions. Let’s face it, in the UK we see a mere inch of snow and were panicking.

Ok dong what I do I would take sensible precautions such as

  • Plenty of rations
  • Possibly a dry change of clothes
  • Plenty to drink
  • A shovel and wellies

I’m sure if you’re reading this from colder parts of Europe or Alaska yiure laughing but then we are terrible at preparing for cold weather.

But then would I rather see snow and the hazards associated or have the unseen dangers of Black ice.

It’s got to be a good ten or twelve years since the last proper snow I recall, i had to gingerly ride my mountain bike across Chelmsford to the leisure centre where I worked. But even that was largely gone by the  end of my shift.

I remember real deep snows when I was a kid. One year I even had to be pulled out of a ditch that i has unwittingly fallen into. Then there’s the startled look on the dogs faces when they get a cold shock when trying to do their business.

My friends and I used to go, with one if our dad’s, to the local pond when it was frozen over and we’d take it in turns on the table top whilst the present adult pulled us along at speed.


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