It comes at Dawn 

Early morning walk

    An early morning walk with Stella

Dawn chorus

Come winter, spring, summer or autumn and sunshine, rain or snow Stellas routine doesn’t change.

As soon as i wake up I get my coffee and her breakfast and sometimes my partners toast. Within half an hour Stella is whining. Take now for instance, it’s 5.45 on a Saturday morning in December and we’re out on the garrison walk.

A couple of lone songbirds are singing but other than that it’s silent, I  can hear the trip trap of Stellas feet and my breathing.


The lit pathway of the garrison walk

I can feel my fingers

It’s not too cold, I can feel my fingers at least. The barracks rooms are in darkness with only a few lights on. Early birds like Stella and I maybe or they be been out in Colchester overnight and they’re going to bed.

Keeping the barracks on my left and the garrison sports centre ahead we turn left. Staying on the Garrison path but to my right Colchester is also still largely asleep. It’s after 5am so all the street lights are on but none of the house lights.

A solo car heads along Berechurch Rd. However then the rd falls silent again. A distant motorbike is heard gunning it’s engine, surely speeding from the sound if the acceleration.

The sport centre is now to my left and we’ve left the barracks behind, Colchester is so quiet I can hear a train leaving the station over 3 miles away. I’m now surrounded by military ground, Colchester is after all now the largest Garrison town on the United kingdom.

The old married quarters that are now, to my knowledge, taken over by the council now look to my right and to my left the Rugby pitches, reminding me it’s the Rugby league world cup final and hopefully the Aussies will not repeat their victory of England on the opening day.

The silence continues only disturbed by the odd car on Berechurch Rd the lights highlight nothing ahead except an inquisitive Staffy named Stella.

The lighting is prolific now as we’re off military ground and if were lighter I would turn left and head over the Rugby pitches but I would not be able to see a thing, alright if I were alone but not with keeping an eye out on Stella.

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