Fridaywoods laid bare, our local woods

Coming with a vengeance

Winter is coming

Fridaywoods Colchester

The first trip through Fridaywoods for a while sees major changes. All but the Evergreen Pines are all but leafless. A carpet of leaves lays inches thick. Some of the leaves have begun their decomposition. A squirrel scurries up a bare trunk to escape Stellas attention.


Summers destructive operation

Coppicing the woodland

The summer’s coppicing or whatever it was has certainly opened up the woodland scrub but for why. Cattle, grazing land for the cattle that were escaping tgeur confines back in the summer.

The woods are deathly quiet, the only sound my footfall in the stones as we approach familiar ground, the crater. The hush continues as the only real sound now is some other dogs barking as they too explore the Bare and almost barren woodland.

It’s a real shame to see the woods being stripped out for more capitalism even if It is only for more cows to be able to graze. Is this also the true reason behind the alleged access issues to the woods. I’m not sure and as I’ve said before other equally irresponsible dog owners do us no favours

Do me a favour


The thing that I don’t get with this, you’ve done the hard part you’ve picked up your dogs faeces so why not carry to a bin nearby in the local woods parking areas, is it because you dont want to spoil yiur cars seat covers, but then you’ll spoil it for the rest of us who want to walk our dog in Fridaywoods!

The thing with our local woods, especially in the summer, the rich biodiversity of the woods is amazing and according to an Essex wildlife trust employee I was talking to recently we now not only have the presence of Buzzards and Kites but two peregrine falcons, the fastest bird in the sky. Maybe if we do our bit they might breed.


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