Why cross breed dogs make better pets 

In my 45 years I’ve had dogs around me for at least 30.

  • Teddy
  • Buster (pedigree cocker spaniel)
  • Suzie
  • Sam
  • Max
  • Tara
  • Bruno
  • Stella (Staffordshire bull terrier)


Stella being my current four legged companion and only the second pure breed.

In Why dogs over cats  I gave you a breakdown of Busters nature, and as I said I was too young to really understand the concept of being interbred.

Pure breed

The exception to the rule

Apart from Stella who has the most fantastic temperament other than her complete dislike of almost every other dog in existence, is the exception to my preference for cross breed dogs.

Cross Breed Dogs, you might call Cockerpoo, schitzpoo etc because cross breed dogs isn’t fashionable any more, have the best of their breeds.

Tara for instance was a Rottweiler cross Labrador cross greyhound, come on fashionistas suggest an alternative breed title for her, she had the rotty strength the Labrador loyalty and not quite the turn of speed of the greyhound.

Sam, an alsatian cross Labrador, an Albrador maybe, had the loyalty of both of his component of a cross breed dog and the inquisitive nature of the Alsatian.

Bruno was my first staffy, well part staffy at least, he was in truth a cross breed dog, staffy cross English mastiff, who I and my ex rescued from Battersea. He had the tenacity of the staffy and the strength of the mastiff.

Another bonus of cross breed dogs,  they don’t tend to get the renowned ailments that go with the pure breed.  I use the term pure breed rather than pedigree as the latter has a proven heritage which is how we knew Buster was interbred.

The term interbred I’m sure you need no introduction to, but it means in Busters case his sister was his mother and his father was actually his grandfather. An exercise in greed.


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