Adopt A Staffordshire bull terrier 


Why adopt a Staffordshire bull terrier

Why adopt a Staff

Ok im going to point out from the start Im no expert, i am writing from my experience and meagre knowledge.

Stella, has one big plus for me, she loves her walks and has been my running mate if you take a look at one of my older blogs fromhelltoeternity.  

However I’m a big fan of the Staffy. Ok they have a bit if a reputation, but that’s not their fault, it’s down to the status dog reputation they inherited.

I was once walking in Colchester when a group of lads approached with a large musclebound Staff. The staff was walking along wagging it’s tail, the guy holding the lead said “go on …… get him” referring to me.

To his disappointment I put my hand down and strokes the dog on the head.  (Not something I’d recommend doing unless you are confident in reading dogs)

Staffs are

  • Incredibly loyal especially to the female of the household.
  • Gentle, before their unwarranted reputation as Status dig they had a reputation and a nickname for being Nurse dogs.
  • Incredibly protective

I have to be honest and balanced and say that in Stellas case at least, she is very flatulent and doesnt get on with too many dogs.

Staffs come in so many colours, blue, white and shades of Brindle like Stella.

In my piece about cross breeds  I extol the many virtues of some of our dogs but of course there are drawbacks so be honest especially if you’re looking at Staffies, I would always recommend before you adopt a Staffordshire bull terrier or any dog you address your environment and not attempt to make the breed fit an environment.

Staffs are incredibly strong willed if you let them get away with it.

I, like my niece, am a big fan of Victoria Stilwell. I would recommend her methods to anyone, especially anyone new to the world of dogs. Other people sing the virtues of Cesar Milan. Although I believe in the Alfa dog theory I feel Cesar is a little too Alfa.

Personally, I would rarely recommend you adopt a Staffordshire bull terrier as your first dog unless you’ve done your revision and your confident that all members of the family.

One thing I am personally against with any dog is having too many dogs,

  1. How many digs can you safely control on the lead
  2. Pack mentality has been shown as a danger in the last few years

The last thing we need is to fuel the anti-dog media any further.

I will close by suggesting that I’m in favour of reinstating the dog licence, maybe even with a level that shows your experience as a dig owner.


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