A dog is for life not just for christmas 

A dog is for life

A dog is a big commitment

Mummy mummy please,  can we have a dog for christmas.

Sure as a puppy they’re cute, but they’re aren’t puppies for long. They are going to grow. If you think you aren’t going to be able to cope say “NO.” Dogs are for life not just Christmas.

  1. Are you gonna get up every morning and evening and walk the dog. The kids won’t once the novelties worn off.
  2. Are you going to give up a nights sleep she the dogs ill
  3. Have you the time in your day to devote to a dog as if he or she was one of your kids

There are many more questions I could ask, but if the answer to any of them is no then “I’m sorry kids, a dog is for life not just for christmas!”

Dogs area huge responsibility

Dogs area huge responsibility and if you make a mistake, you’re dog will be one of the hundreds that end up at Battersea  or other rescue facilities.

If you are in doubt then read

Make an informed decision, if not just for the dogs sake but for your kids who will be losing a Christmas present.

In modern life

In modern life kids are quickly engrossed in their Xbox or PlayStation and sure you’ll be out on Christmas day, boxing day but of you buy a puppy are you prepared to go for a walk every day for 10 years or more, come rain, snow or sunshine.

Dogs are a brilliant add to the right household and a terrible add in the wrong one. They’re less independent than Cats but even they need feeding and their litter tray changing.

So in summing up, for both the dogs sake and your kids a dog is for life not just for christmas.


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