Who am I to talk about dogs 

Talk about dogs

    Hey it’s me

I am no Victoria Stilwell and certainly no Cesar Milan going back a but I’m no Barbara Woodhouse.

What I am is someone who has grown up around dogs.  Take a look at Why cross breed make better pets  to see the list of dogs that Stella currently tops.

Staffy photos

My 8th dog Stella

This is who I am to talk about dogs

I an 45 and I’ve had 8 dogs around me, with growing responsibility. I still remember the first time my Dad let me walk Suzy on my own. I was ready for scouts and she needed a walk.

Every dog taught me something new. Max was a lovely dog but when Dad or I went to tweak him off the sofa he would growl or snap. This aroused suspicion and Mum and Dad had him down vets. His spine was gradually disintegrating because he hadn’t been fed properly as a puppy.

I am a school of life student, I’ve no qualification that let’s me pontificate to you about our canine friends. I can only talk from experience that my 8 dogs have taught me. I was recently criticised for my post Why cross breed make better pets but that’s my experience not theirs.

Cross Labrador

This is Sam, German shepherd cross Labrador

I had my Driving licence by the time Sam came around and he saw me through my short lived career in the Royal Air Force. He would go everywhere with my mate and I when checking out new fishing spots if it was my turn to drive.

I don’t profess to know everything about dogs, far from it however I do consider myself an experienced dog walker and owner and like anything im.still open to new ideas. You can definitely teach an old new tricks.

That’s who I am, and why I can talk about dogs

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