Half moon and frost 


A cold crisp morning

Half moon

Oh the glories of being a dog owner it’s 6am on Saturday in December and Stella, our loyal Staffy, wants out. The drawback of living in a second floor flat.

The walk

Stepping out into the crisp morning air, the first thing I notice is the frost on the cars. As I walk out through the tunnel I notice the half moon.  Crunch crunch is the next thing I hear as Stella walks in the frosted grass.

We’re on the Garrison walk again, its biggest pitfall, its a bit exposed with the icy wind channelling along the street. Jack has definitely been out to play.

There’s no hiding place from the wind, the buildings only channel rather than give you cover. Once on the Garrison path you have a high bank on one side to protect the base from prying eyes. On the other a small thicket but in effect it further streams the ice cold wind.

The half moon and frost are even clearer now Stella and I are away from civilisation and there’s little sound.

Passed the thicket now on that side is the back of the Monkwick estate that we’ll soon be walking along, stella leashed of course.

The sky is cloudless and the stars and constellations are clearly visible. The eastern horizon shows the beginning dawn. The half moon and frost are soon to be replaced by the sun, but then the frost may linger.


Onto Monkwick now the wind seems less biting it seems less able to channel with more gaps and side roads. A flock of seagulls flies overhead, hopefully there bomb aim is off.

The sky lightens by the minute as the sun starts to highlight detail that was only minutes earlier hidden from sight.


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