Snow is falling thick and Fast

Snow is falling

And so here it is Merry Christmas

Its sunday morning and Snow is falling

Stella and I went out early this morning, and it was raining quite heavily. As i got back to our second floor flat, waiting for Tesco to arrive with our delivery and talking to my fiancee, i noticed that Snow is falling.

From my fiancee’s point of view and from my professional side, I see the danger but then i also look out the window and see the Kids having fun with their mothers and fathers, outside making Snowmen and throwing the odd snowball. I would rather see the snow than see it raining though, as the hazard from the snow is obvious, but should it rain and then freeze Black ice is more dangerous.

If the forecast is wrong Stella and i will be out in this after lunch, but the forecast is for this to turn to rain which will leave it slushy and slippery all over the place.

A brief driving lesson

As a driver I foretell accidents galore, I am already aware of one on the A12, people driving to fast for the conditions, unable to, or more likely, unwilling to adapt for the conditions. Leaving a bigger stopping distance between them self and the vehicle ahead.

When Snow is falling especially a good lesson i learnt from the Speed awareness course, look as far ahead as possible then slowly come back to the vehicle ahead and then back up as far as you can see.

Back to Stella

This way you are able to anticipate problems ahead, and possibly avoid using the middle pedal, the brake.

Stella right now is blissfully unaware  of the treat that awaits her, hopefully, snuggled up warm and cosey under her blanket next to her mum, on the floor in the bedroom. We shall no doubt go for a walk in Fridaywoods some point this afternoon.


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