Spiked dog collars Banned 


Barbaric spiked dog collar banned in the United kingdom


These barbaric spiked dog collars are banned in the United Kingdom, but there a some civilized countries that think they are ok.

Tell me would you wear this?


Now would you let your child wear this

Look at the injuries these spiked dog collars inflict, no wonder they’re banned.

Justify these barbaric spiked dog collars

If you’re a fan, please go ahead and justify their use, but add a photo of you, yes you, wearing one. Seriously if you think these are a justifiable training tool you’re either a Sadist, who would indeed wear it yourself or your unfit to be privileged to own a rat let alone a dog.

Ok i will admit to having had and used a choke chain, until

  • I was Re educated

These things inflict terrible injury and pain, so are you surprised that your dog needs to be punished for being vicious, I suppose you ultimately give up and take the dog to the vet to be destroyed because it’s turned vicious.

The likes of Victoria Stilwell can teach you effective corrective methods that don’t involve pain. Indeed it was Victoria who taught me the wrongs of choke chains.

Hey Mr Trump if you read this have a heart and ban these barbaric devices from the shores of the USA and live up to your slogan to “make America great again!” because I certainly don’t think they’re great at all.

Surely in the 21st century we are passed the need for these symbols of pain and suffering. To me they make me think of torture devices banned by the Geneva convention.

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