Cruelty to Animals 

Don't bother

If you can’t be nice don’t bother

In driving around the country and watching the shows on the television I see so much cruelty. Emaciated horses,  dogs etc.

In the post, Why cross breeds I have told you about Teddy and Buster. Teddy, before my family had him, was thrown out of a car at speed by his previous owner. Buster, as I recall, when we sent him to be groomed. The groomer discovered barbed wire in his coat.

They are my personal accounts of cruelty to animals. I could never inflict that sort of torture on any animals. Yesterday’s post barbaric spiked dog collar I showed the most barbaric torture device I ever want to see.  I pled guilty to having used a choke chain however I learned my wrongs even though I’d would rather choose a choker over a spiked dog collar any day.

We are privileged if we have a dog in our life and they will do whatever they think we want of them, to please but some of you will exploit that too. Throwing them in a ring to fight. Fight with their own kind sustaining terrible injuries and inflicting death on others, irreversible psychological injury to the dog that has tasted blood by popular thinking.

Summing up on Cruelty to Animals

So I’ll leave you with this thought for the day

If you can’t love a pet don’t have one

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I have had 8 dogs in my life and they have all had their problems but Cruelty to anilmals has never been the answer.


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