Assistance dogs 

Guidance dogs

Not just retrievers

Personal introduction to Assistance dogs

In the post on friendlytravelguide I titled a Sunday roast on a Saturday  I was at the Harvester with my fiancee and my mother in law. We were enjoying dinner when a family with a dog came in and sat down. The lady was not blind and my first impression was that it was a trainee guide dog.

After we had finished and the ladies disappeared to the toilet I leant over and asked” is the dog  a trainee guide dog?” I was surprised when the lady said no. The lady went on to explain that the beautiful Golden retriever, was an assistance dog and that She, herself had, had a stroke and that the dog assisted her in many ways.

I didn’t have time, neither did I want to invade their approaching dinner, to carry the interview further.

Assistance dogs

Of course I was aware of the assistance dogs as well as Guide dogs for the blind, a charity for which both I and later in my niece have raised money for.

I am aware of how dogs can influence autistic children, assist the deaf by calling the users attention to door bells etc.

Breeds that make it as Assistance dogs

What also surprised me was the breeds that can be assistance dogs

  • Labradors
  • Retriever
  • German shepherd
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

to list just a few. So long as they have a good temperament and in fact a lot of failed service dogs can go on to be guide dogs.

Mans best friend

I think is proof that dogs are truly man’s best friend not just pets, not just eyes but ears, protection and much much more than I can list here.

Please tell me and my readers your experience of the world of Assistance dogs.

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