Service dogs in the UK 


Dogs descend from the Wolf

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. In the post Assistance Dogs  I detailed the social aspect of how dogs help, in being an aide for people of many walks of life. Including guide dogs for the blind.

Service dogs at their best

However dogs have more strings to their bow than that:

  • Sniffer dogs can sniff out anything from drugs to explosives or money.
  • Police dogs who’s purpose is to find and if necessary bring down a suspect.
  • Attack dogs were used in both world wars solely as an expendable weapon.

Dogs loyalty knows no bounds and with correct training. Adding the odd treat they’ll do anything for us.

In my time at Stansted airport  I was lucky enough to see a drugs dog on what was a training exercise. It was shooting up and down the baggage system searching for Narcotics.

I also have seen police dogs display teams.  One rather unfortunate case where the suit was not big enough.  The dog grabbed the guy by the unprotected part of his arm.

Summing up Service dogs

The depth dogs go to for us, it seems are limitless and with right training it seems there is nothing they can’t do for us.


Near the Cenotaph in London there is a memorial to the Animals that have given their lives in Service and it, like the Cenotaph deserves our respect.

Apart from the horse I struggle to think of an animal that has given humanity so much with little reward.

So when you look at your pet dog  today, think about his or her lineage and the purposes that dogs fulfil for us. Guide Dogs, assistance dogs, sniffer dogs of all ranges and I’m sure you can add to the list of jobs dogs do in service of their human masters.

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