Staffy Nanny dog

Nanny dog

Stella, Staffy Nanny dog

I have written several posts about Stella and or the reputation of the Staffy Nanny dog. Adopt a staffy being the mist recent.

Staffy Nanny dog anecdotes

Today I want to give you a couple of anecdotes. Anecdotes from my own memory as to evidence the status of the Staffy Nanny dog.

When my daughter was born I made a point of taking Bruno, who to be fair was a staffy x mastiff, out for walks. Whilst my ex pushed the pram. I wanted Bruno to accept my daughter as part of the family.

To my surprise he already had done. To the point that he would defend the pram. When people approached to coo over the baby, Bruno would cut them off and look at me or my ex for guidance as to whether they were safe or not.

I am sure that you can offer similar anecdotes re all dog breeds but this was the only time I’ve seen such loyalty and a natural sense of protection.

The second anecdote also relates to Bruno and my daughter. My daughter was a little older, but Ill in bed. Bruno had disappeared but I found him laid across the foot of the door to her bedroom, I like to think not only protecting her from getting near the stairs, even though we had a stair gate, but also so that if she stirred he could bark to let us know.

Summing up the Nanny dog

Staffies gained an undeserved reputation for being status dogs. Why, because of their musclebound body. However this was so wrong and the more well deserved status and nickname of Staffy Nanny dog should be what people know about this brilliant breed. What other stories can you add of the protective nature of our Staffy Nanny dog rather than the undeserved status dog.


This was the response from Battersea


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