what to consider when adopting a dog

Adopting a dog

It is not as easy as you want it to be,

Ok i have stated before i am no expert, but these a few tips to consider when adopting a dog.


Your home environment, is it big enough to handle the dog you want? Is the garden and yard secure and is the breed your buying adept at jumping gates or tunneling. Are you a proud gardener who is not going to want your dog digging where you have your prize blooms.

Also is there going to be someone around most of the day, if there isn’t then you need to consider this.


Ok i am sure you have considered that the dog is going to need walks, and some will happily go for miles, others are happy with a 10 minute pee stop. So what is within reach are you in a sprawling urban area with few parks or trees, are you going to have get in the car, to find a good walking area. So then is the car big enough.

Grooming and veterinary care

Some dogs, Like Stella


Her glands are bad

have a problem with their anal glands, and i don’t mind telling you first timers it is an unpleasant smell, on top of this there are dew claws, and with a lot of breeds grooming and baths, some you can do yourself, with a good dog brush but a good groomer is going to charge. But then i do not have to consider groomers as Stella is short haired.

As you can see there is a lot to adopting a dog

This time of year you also have christmas trees, and presents under the tree, so can you trust the dog not to raid the tree or the presents? Adopting a dog is a wonderful if experience, and if you get it right, it is the most rewarding way of getting a pet, if you get it wring you will be put off for life.

in the coming articles i hope to give you some specific guidance re breeds, maybe generic or specific breeds depending on behaviour, starting with my favourite breed the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


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