Breeding Fear of Dogs

Same Brush

Why tar all dogs with the same Brush

Carrying on from last post Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I want to relate a couple of anecdotes to you.  I’m hoping you will share to the world. Also please comment and share your own similar story.

Anecdote 1 Get that F******g thing away

The first piece is from facebook. Its author has given me permission to share it, thank you Robb Whitworth.

Wow some owners disappoint me. just walked past a young couple with a beagle who was very exited and was pulling to see Lexi. So I said hi and told them she is fine and friendly towards all dogs, to be told straight away in there words ” keep that fucking thing away, sooner there killed off the better!”

Absolutely disgusting some people! Yes she’s a Staffy x Akita however she is an absolute gentle giant. I see a old lady in her eighties with two Schih-Tzu and she and her dogs come over always and off they go playing together. Discrimination towards a breed is disgusting! Personally if your dog is friendly and happy to play I’ll talk, stoke and offer treats for any dog I meet whilst out.

Having seen the adverse publicity that the Staff has gotten and believed it these people have judged the breed without Question.

Anecdote 2 Down at the Car Wash

My own anecdote happened at a Car Wash a few years back.

I had washed the car and was hoovering it out, with Stella sat in the car quite patiently. A young family pulled into the bay next to me. A young boy got out and upon seeing Stella asks his mum, quite responsibly, can i stroke the doggy? i was poised to get Stella out when the Mum Barked “No its a Staffy!”

I wanted to ring this mothers neck. She had assumed that i was a thug! And that Stella, the smallest Staff i have ever seen was a danger.

Breeding fear of Dogs

Neither of these Anecdotes do the Bull Breeds any favours at all and just serve to breed fear. I would understand if their reaction came from Fear of dogs after attack. But breeding fear just because of the biased media is unfair. The media, especially the BBC, would not be allowed to tar all of any race as a murderer or a rapist just because of a small minority? But then a positive dog story is not news worthy is it?

According to a question I asked the Battersea Dogs home. Staffs are still the number 1 breed through their doors.

In the previous piece I admitted that the Staff is Headstrong. Needing an experienced owner. I was pleased to see an article on the news that the UK government is considering laws to stop unscrupulous breeders. However I do advocate Bringing back some form of Dog Licencing scheme which could be endorsable for minor offences, similarly to the Driving licence, for both breeders and for owners, even if it were free. On first application you would only be allowed a fairly passive dog breed, and then stepping up if you keep a clean record.

Lets talk about the elephant in the Room

I have to be realistic. We all know and acknowledge there have been several dog attacks in the UK over the passed few years. I will mention no specific cases except one but in general its down to

  • Inexperienced or irresponsible ownership, and quite rightly the latter go to prison.
  • Owning multiple dogs and not being strong enough to be the Alpha-Male.
  • Allowing the Dog to gain a status in the household. I believe that all members of the household should, from the smallest toddler to the oldest grandmother, be able to tell the dog off, in the correct way of course.

I am not going to sit here and pontificate, everyone makes mistakes however there was an unfortunate case recently where the owner had been ordered to have her dog destroyed, obviously the dog had gone too far, but she did not and the dog went on to kill a child.

But in all the cases I can personally think of, it is the Owner who was at fault and unfortunate as it is, the dog gets a death sentence while the owner goes to prison.


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