It’s a Dogs Life, and this is mine 

His blog

Hey it’s me Stella hijacking his blog

It’s a Dogs Life

 They say it’s a Dogs Life but this month has been strange. The Human is singing and the mum gets up every morning goes to this strange statue, which looks like a soldier, and gets me some treats then they get something called chocolate, that mum says I’m not allowed this but it looks nice, out of a strange box.


This is strange


Now even weirder, at the beginning of the month they bought a tree, yes a tree, in. Then mum hung some lights on it and some colourful things. I should say it looks nice but some of my male friends might think it’s a toilet indoors.  Even stranger they bought in a lot of boxes, bags and other things and mum sat and wrapped them all up in colourful paper and put everything under the tree, mum doesn’t think I noticed but she wrapped up one of my juicy bones too.

Christmas eve in a Dogs Life

Well im out with dad this morning, I think they call it Christmas eve? But I know it’s Sunday.

Well if this is a Dogs Life then it’s a good one, I like mum and him they treat me right i like everyone especially the little humans. I have a couple of other doggy friends like Rocky or Alex although I don’t really get on with the others, he doesn’t hear them but the say nasty things so I bark at them but he won’t let me teach them some respect.


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