A very Staffy merry Christmas 

Hello again

Hello again it’s me Stella


Hey my Friends it’s me Stella, I’ve hijacked his Blog again I must wish you all A Staffy merry Christmas.

This Christmas thing

Turns out this Christmas thing is quite a lark. You remember all those boxes I told youTurns mum wrapped up in dogs life. Well they’re called presents and mum and the other Human gave some to each other, and Me!

The first thing i opened was a toy, mum wraps things too well and had to help me. The second thing was my favourite, a Jumbone. Mum wrapped a few treats in each layer of that parcel.

Then once the Humans were ready we got in the car, I’ve been confined to the back seat, on something called a harness. It’s fine though cos my mum sits in the back with me. Well we went over to Earls Colne and saw some of my other Human friends. There were more presents and Alex bought me some biscuits. Apparently I bought him something too but it must have been Mum as I don’t have any pockets or money to put in them. Then we went down the rd to some of my other Human friends I think they’re his mum and sister.

A Staffy merry Christmas has been fun and I got to explore as we stayed in a part of a house I go to regularly but never upstairs. The Humans are waking up later though I nearly woke him up because I wanted a walk.

We’re back home now, we came home last night. I must say A Staffy merry Christmas to you all and recommend something called Beef, Ham and Turkey to you all.

Once again a Staffy merry Christmas to all my human and canine friends.


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