Holidays are over Back to work

All over

Holidays all over

Holidays are over

The Christmas Holidays are over, I sit writjng this on the final evening about to walk Stella.


A visit to the Vet

Stella had a visit to the Vet this morning for her 3 monthly Glands to be cleaned out. An experience I cannot recommend bring in the room for.

Poor dog is not going to know what’s changed. As for the entire 12 day Holidays we have completed the 10,000 step target.

The Christmas Holidays have been the usual side of over indulgence. With 1 turkey dinner Christmas day  and 2 beef joints for Boxing day and New year all with starters and a range of desserts.


Stella had a range of presents too, a new toy and her annual Large Jumbone wrapped up like pass the parcel with treats in each layer.
As for us Humans I think we did well too but this about Stella who as I have already mentioned had her glands expressed today. I must say it appears to have worked though as she has not been sick today or scooted her butt anywhere.

Visit the Vet

Stella on her way back


In compliance with the law, you see Stella harnessed in the back seat of the car on her way home from the vets. Stella has an unusual response on her visits to the Vet, sitting in the waiting room good as gold. However when called in, the brakes go on, on the doorway. I have to carry her the last few feet.

But still it’s nice to get her checked over as she is 11. She is, by all accounts, in good shape. Well this marks the closing of the Christmas Holidays of 2017 do I shall wish all of Stellas fan base a happy and prosperous 2018!


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