First dog Advice 

So you’ve decided you want your first dog?

Do you know what you need for your first dog. Well here come a few tips

A solid lead of course and a collar and current United Kingdom law requires the dog to be electronically tagged and if your breeder hasn’t you need to get the dogs vaccinations up to date.

A good relationship with a pet store

Two things are vital a good relationship with a vet  and a good pet shop like Jollyes. Who will be able to guide you through, especially where your dog may have special dietary needs.

For the home.

  • A couple of solid, purpose built dog bowls for water and food.
  • A dog bed that big enough to accommodate the dog. (You don’t want a  chihuahua bed if you’ve got a great Dane!)
  • Plenty of treats of varying sizes. But I definitely recommend Dentisticks for the digs dental health. Some smaller treats for your pocket as you begin to train your dog.
  • A blanket especially if you’ve got leather furniture.
  • A clicker or other form of training aid.
  • You may consider a second lead, an extendable one. If however you’ve a bigger stinger breed I would recommend a a stronger more solid cord but your store such as Jollyes will be able to advise you.
  • Purpose made dog shampoo

A thoroughly reliable training guide such as  Victoria Stilwell is brilliant with non punitive methods.
My over all recommendation is sit diwn with your family before the dog arrives and come up with ground rules tgat you must never break. Dogs just like babies need a clear set of parameters.

I am sure you, my wonderful readers may add to my list, feel free but these are a few of the basics.

Well enjoy your first dog and I hope your experience is a positive one!


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