Feeding guide for staffies


Stella has a sensitive stomach

Stellas our Staffies Dietary needs

Since we got Stella she has had an awkward stomach we tried various dog foods from wet thru dry. We tried

  • James wellbeloved
  • CHAPPIE wet and dry
  • Chum

and several others. At furst she would tolerate them but within a week her poop would be loose.

However every time to settle her down we would give her HUMAN  chicken and rice, sometimes with olive oil added or a weettabix, I can assure you all the time being guided by the vet. We finally under the vets guidance switched her to it permanently.

I am curious to kmow if this is indicative of most Staffies?

Shock horror

I commented on a Facebook post and was told there wasn’t enough nutritional value in the combination. Which has even though I have been giving it to her for some years, concerned me. Am I doing the wrong thing or should I as advised consider giving Stella a doggy multivitamin.

She does have a bowl of dried food that she will pick at that doesn’t upset her stomach however she is not keen on it and because of allergies she has a weekly bath but all in all I think she is in good shape for an eleven year old Staff.

The reason for the Weettabix is because of her regular trip to the vets to have her Glands expressed I must hiwever say it had limited success

 maybe this from Amazon’s stocks maybe the way forward but then I can only feel a little doubt as “if it ain’t broke why change it” comes to mind.

Well I am certain you have some advice for me and my readers please feel free to comment. You can comment on the post itself or wherever you see this coming up!



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