Dicken Medal for war hero Chips

Equivalent of Victoria cross for Chips

War heroes come in all shapes and sizes

The Dicken Medal

The Dicken Medal is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, awarded for extreme acts of courage in exceptional circumstances. Awarded by the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA).


I was listening to the Radio when i heard the most remarkable story, the Story of Chips, a Husky cross who served with the Americans in the Second world war. The Sicily landings In 1943 saw Chips landing with his platoon. However even though they were under the cover of darkness, Chips and his platoon came under fire from a machine gun nest, pinning down the entire platoon. Escaping his lead, Chips charged the machine gun hut, and moments later his human comrades watched in awe as the Gunner emerged from the hut with Chips at his throat. Chips had also disabled the gun throwing it from its mount.

The landing of American and British troops was then able to push forward to clear Sicily and push into Europe.

The Platoon and Chips would go on to meet British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill after the war.

Doesn’t do justice

This short piece does not do Chips justice nor his many animal companions. But i can only wow at the instinctual bravery of this dog and his many canine and equine companions who have received the Dicken medal.

This story has allegedly been made into a movie by the Disney Studio but yesterday was the first i had ever heard of it. It also serves to marvel at the incredible connection between Humans and our Canine companions who as i have recognised in other posts such as Service dogs in the UK.

I am sure there are many more stories like this out there, so lets make the people and the Anti-dog media aware of them.


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