The Pdsa Dickin medal


for sevice above and beyond the call of duty by our animal comrades

The PDSA Dickin medal

In my last post, Dickin medal for war hero Chips i wrote about the heroism of A dog called Chips. However the overwhelming thing to you all seems to be amazed by is that there is a scheme for awarding medals for gallantry to our animal comrades called the PDSA Dickin Medal.

The Dickin medal was created by the PDSA (peoples dispensary for sick animals)


Founded in 1917 by Maria Dickin. The PDSA was to provide care for sick an injured animals for those who could not afford proper care for their animal companions.

More of the Dickin medal

Founded in 1943 The Dickin medal (named after the founder of the pdsa Maria Dickin) was to be for conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty while serving in military conflict.

Recipients of the PDSA Dickin medal include:


An English Springer Spaniel who died hours after his handler Lance Corporal Tasker. The pairing set a long standing record for Bomb finds.

Raf Sniffer Dog Buster.

another springer who saved more than 1000 of his human comrades during 5 tours of Afghanistan before dying at age 13, (91 in dog years) by sniffing out Improvised explsive devices (IEDs) along with weapons of all kinds.

GSD Rifleman Khan

Served in world war 2 and took part in the battle of the Scheldt. A joint campaign between the British, Canadian and Polish Troops to open up the port of Antwerp so that it could be used to supply the Allies in north-west Europe.

Khan was awarded the Dickin Medal (considered to be the Victoria Cross for animals) for bravery on 27 March 1945. His citation read “For rescuing L/Cpl. Muldoon from drowning under heavy shell fire at the assault of Walcheren, November 1944, while serving with the 6th Cameronians (SR).”[2] Following the war, Khan and Muldoon were reunited at a war dogs parade at Wembley Stadium. and Khan was given into Muldoon’s permanent care.

Antis (ANT)

Another dog from ww2 to recieve another GSD who died in 1953. At the beginning of the war two airman who had been shot down during a recon mission over German lines discovered an emaciated GSD puppy, so they shared their Chocolate ration with him. The Airmen also used an old frying pan to melt some snow so that the Dog could drink. Ant saw little action during the remainder of the Phoney War, but adopted Bozděch as his master, sleeping at the foot of his bed in barracks. With the end of the Phoney War on 10 May 1940, the airfield at Saint-Dizier was bombed by a wing of German Dornier Do 17s, while Bozděch and Ant were huddled in a bunker.

The attack destroyed all but fourteen of the planes at the base. Following this the local forces began their retreat. After moving to their third base, Bozděch took the decision to take Ant with him in the Potez 630 for the dog’s first combat mission. Ant barely stirred, even when Bozděch was firing the guns at German fighters. The duo were reunited with a recovered Duval, who became Bozděch’s pilot once again.  Ant continued to fly with them.

Highly Deserved

So as we can see the PDSA Dickin Medal is a well deserved equivalent of the Victoria Cross. The highest honour given for military service in the British service.

It is in my opinion a pity that this has to be run by a charity. When most of its recipients have seen service and military honour for this country, the UNITED KINGDOM. However the Animals so well deserve recognition for their courage.

I Should give credit to the Daily Mail and Wikipedia as the source of all the stories above.


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