Its Holiday season, or Holiday Hazard season, watch where you are taking your four legged friends

Stella last year on the Beach at Hemsby

Lifes a beach


One of my readers made a valid point its coming into the holiday time of year and if your four legged friend is going with you have you given thought to the holiday hazards of the places you intend to go to, for the dog.

We all know the hazards we face on our local walks.

Ticking off the holiday hazards

Lymes diesease

The contagion of Lymes disease carried by the Tick

When i was young my family and I went to Thetford Forest in Norfolk unaware of the hazard they held within. TICKS 

We did the usual family thing of having our picnic and running around with the Dog and she would, like any dog, investigate all the new smells and stick her nose into anything and everything.

Well, as i recall, my mother noticed a few strange lumps and with a call to the vets they were identified as Ticks and they were successfully removed.

The other serious side affect that Ticks carry as a friend of mine has found out recently is Lymes disease 

Lifes a Beach

Recent trips to Mersea island have turned up another hazard, Glass. Either bought in on the tide or (hopefully not) left by a dog hater.

East Mersea’s Cudmore grove also holds another serious hazard to both Our canine friends and us Humans


The only venomus snake indigenous to the UK, the Adder

Last year there was also Blubber coming ashore which is poisonous to our doggy friends.

Plan ahead for the holiday hazards

Also have you considered vets, ask your vet if they have recommendations for where you are going, or if you have insurance you could ask them for there local operators, as the last thing we need is a large vets bill wiping out your holiday funds.


Also do have all the food you need or are you going to take enough for a few days then get some more while you’re down there. Is your dogs injections up to date, have they had their flea and tick treatments and been wormed, you do not the dog being ill in the car and we all know what its like to share the car with a dog who has flatulence for whatever reason, don’t we!!!



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