For the Dog that has everything

what about the Dog that has everything

Hello again, carrying on from my last piece

Its Holiday season  I thought about the journey from your home to the destination.

You have packed everything you need:

  1. Clothes
  2. perfume or Aftershave
  3. shoes for every outfit Ladies?

But what Dog that has everything, or so you think.

If you are going on a long journey, especially on the motorway, freeway to my American readers, you may not be able to stop as frequently as you or your canine friend my require.

Above is a non spill water bowel, click on the pic or any pic to see the item in detail and maybe purchase it.

So we have covered the water bowel, some may advise you have the dogs favorite food but i wouldn’t mind betting you’ll have treats with you.

This may not be my popular question, but is your car appropriate for the dog? For example you would struggle to get a Great Dane in a Fiat 500! If your canine friend cannot move or turn around they may get ill and we all know how a windy dog or worse dog sick smells in the car, and you wont get rid of the smell for a long time. I am certain i do not need to highlight the danger of leaving your dog in a car on a baking hot day, many conscientious dog lovers would call the police or take action themselves to release a dog in distress.


A great Dane in a Fiat 500?

Have you planned your route out, for stops? Motorway services are fine for you, but what about exercise for the dog who has everything, so you think.

please consider carefully whether you need to take the plane

Early in the 2000s I worked for a short spell at Stansted Airport as a baggage handler where i saw one of the most distressing sites i ever want to see, as a dog lover. I was loading a plane when a Dog crate came out, with a beautiful Labrador inside but the poor thing was terrified, even though it had been doped for the journey. It is an image that stayed with me almost twenty years on and I swore that day i would never have one of my dogs in that condition. There a ferries to most destinations or the Channel tunnel so that really means the dog that has everything, has everything including you on a stressful journey to reassure as you would your child.


Changes in the Law for the Dog that has everything

Recent changes in the law mean all dogs must be in the back seat of the car, not the front and definitely not on the drivers lap. They must also be harnessed.

As this blogger understands it, it is not only an offence under the Road traffic act but will negate your insurance (in the UK at least) but then do you really want your dog to the death of you and it, at least you can make a decision, the dog cannot.






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