Stella the Staff’s Summer diary, the diary of a thirteen year old staffy


Say Hello to Stella

Not a great week. early on at least for Stella’s Summer Diary

Hey guys you all know about Stella,  my almost thirteen year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I thought i would give you an extract from her Summer Diary Well it has been a pretty torrid week for her, and us!

She did not eat for four days last week and i won’t be too graphic about her need for the toilet which we shall just say was a little to often and a little more than loose.

Tuesday evening saw a visit to the Vet and after an injection and a doggy version of Yakult I was £75 lighter, i would have been happier if it was 75lb but there we go. The injection did the trick getting us thru the night, without disturbance but it took another 2 days before Stella started eating again.

In sharing this few days with a group on facebook someone suggested a trip to Pets at home might have saved me £71 however i have never seen a dog so bad and feared the worst.

Stella Rallyed

Stella rallyed seeing her Summer diary on Thursday evening a little more positive as she ate for the first time after swapping her normal diet of Cooked chicken for a bit of white fish, suggested by the Vet. Friday morning saw her first decent walk all week, my normal 2 mile walk thru Fridaywoods, Saturday saw her diet return to normal and the pair of us walked a combined 9 miles.

Today, saw an ambitious start for us both, A four mile walk detailed above, which i thoroughly enjoyed and, so it appears, so did Stella.

I know Stella is old but the Vet was almost certain the Diarrhoea was caused by her scavenging, which is apparently something Staffordshire bull terrier’s are renowned for. So as much as possible i am intending to keep Stella on her lead this week to stop her scavenging.


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